Treating injuries and improving the physical condition of our four-legged friends using stem cells and other innovative biomaterials. Fat-Stem provides ready-to-use solutions for veterinarians, including clinical protocols, logistic procedures, GMP cell production and cryogenic storage.


Max can run along again when we go for a bike ride,
Dog Stem cells has taken years off his age.

Our products


Cat Stem cells has restored Chloe’s kidney function
and now she’s as playful as ever!

Our products


It looked like her athletic career was over,
but thanks to Horse Stem cells, Cheyenne is back in competition!

Our products

innovative regenerative solutions for all animals


Protect your horse or pet for up to 10 years without the need for a biopsy thanks to our Cord-Stem® service. A storage certificate is provides that is transferable to future buyers, increasing the animal’s value.

Mesenchymal stem cells are isolated from the umbilical cord at birth and cryogenically stored. When needed, cryopreserved cells can be reactivated to treat orthopedic injuries.

a hand putting a tube in somthing cold

Wound healing

Wound healing hydrogels for all mammals, containing physiological growth factors. It helps different types of wounds heal faster such as ulcers, pressure wounds, cavity wounds, fistulas, post-operative wounds, and exuding sloughy or necrotic wounds.

a open wound that needs healing

Horse Treatments

Tendons and Ligaments

Tendon and ligament injuries are caused by trauma or chronic overloading. Natural healing is slow and incomplete, and often career-ending events for sport horses.

Our innovations decrease inflammation, pain and lameness, with up to 80% less reinjuries.

  • Cryopreserved stem cells from donor horses – a cost-effective therapy that can be administered immediately and doesn’t require a biopsy.
  • Stem cells from you horse’s own fat tissue – combines the benefits of growth factors with the regenerative effect of stem cells.
  • A concentrated solution of growth factors from donor horses to improve the healing process – ideal for less severe injuries
X ray of a horses ligaments


Joint problems such as osteoarthritis lead to poor performance, stiffness, joint swelling and inflammation in (sport) horses.  The natural repair process creates more fibrous cartilage, similar to scar tissue, and starts a vicious cycle of joint deterioration.

Our innovations treat symptoms and support the formation of normal hyaline cartilage, keeping animals healthier for longer.

  • Cryopreserved stem cells from donor horses with chondrogenic factors – a cost-effective therapy that can be administered immediately and doesn’t require a biopsy or further medication.
  • Autologous stem cells from your horse’s own fat tissue, pre-differentiated to cartilage and supplemented with growth factors – a regenerative therapy that stops the progression of osteoarthritis and manages pain and inflammation.
  • A solution containing a high concentration of the anti-inflammatory protein IL-1RA and growth factors – a safe, easy-to-use and effective treatment for joint inflammation and slowing down the progression of mild to moderate osteoarthritis.


Ideal to relieve disorders that cause signs of ageing such as muscle disorders, myocardial infection, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Cryopreserved stem cells from your horse’s own fat tissue or donor horses, applied intravenously – a rejuvenating therapy that boosts the immune system and improves energy and sport levels.

Dog treatments

Osteoarthritis is a chronic, degenerative disease in dogs, leading to joint pain, impaired movement and local inflammation.

The natural repair process is ineffective creates more fibrous cartilage, similar to scar tissue and starts a vicious cycle of joint deterioration. Our products regenerate healthy cartilage and show anti-inflammatory effects, reducing pain and restoring function.

Autologous stem cell treatment

Stem cells from your dog’s own fat tissue – a long-term regenerative product for mild to severe osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries and degenerative joint disease in hip or elbow.

Allogeneic stem cell transplant

Stem cells from donor dogs – a cost-effective therapy that can be administered immediately and doesn’t require a biopsy. 90% of vets are satisfied due to the long-lasting effect and owner satisfaction.

Differentiated stem cell therapy

Stem cells from your dog’s own fat tissue, pre-differentiated to cartilage– a regenerative therapy for severe osteoarthritis (grade IV) that stops disease progression and manages pain and inflammation.

Cat treatments

Kidney problems

Feline kidneys are susceptible to a wide range of life-threatening disorders. Cat-Stem cells restore kidney function and are created from your cat’s own fat tissue or from donor animals. When applied in early stages, physical condition is significantly improved.

7 reasons to choose our services


Our products combine the positive effects of growth factors with the regenerative effect of stem cells. Some of our products are patented and have been successfully applied in hundreds of cases.


We comply with GMP production methodologies. A strict and rigorous Quality Control in compliance with European directives minimizes the risk of bacterial or viral contamination. Together with the certification for each product, safety and therapeutic efficiency of our products is guaranteed.


Fat-Stem offers veterinarians easy, ready-to-use solutions, unique on the European market.
For maximum convenience, we offer the possibility of allogenic treatments, derived from healthy qualified donors and available for immediate use in every veterinary facility.


Fat tissue contains a higher concentration of stem cells than any other tissue, including bone marrow. Furthermore, Fat-Stem’s technology is much less invasive and painful than a bone marrow collection or traditional invasive orthopedic surgeries.


Conventional therapies result in the formation of scar tissue that makes the patient prone to reinjury. Stem cell therapy prevents the formation of this scar tissue, stimulating and supporting the body to repair the damaged area with cells similar to the original tissue.


Increased production of regenerative therapies have lowered product prices.  Combined with the long-term anti-inflammatory effect,  our stem cell products are more cost effective than conventional treatments.


Our highly specialized team is capable of developing specific products for each situation. We have the knowledge, flexibility and infrastructure to offer solutions that suit your animal’s needs.

How it works

Fat-Stem provides two types of therapy for nearly all products. Autologous therapy uses cells exclusively from your own animal. A small amount of fat and some blood are obtained under local or general anesthesia by your veterinarian. In our lab, your pet’s personal stem cells are multiplied, guaranteeing optimal results. After 2 to 3 weeks, they are ready for injection.

For faster results, the most practical and economic solution is allogenic therapy. Cells are precultured from samples obtained from healthy donor animals and delivered to the clinic in an injectable suspension.

Instructions for veterinarians
Find out which therapy is best for your animal



A successful therapy of Fat-Stem Laboratories

Fat-Stem, a Belgium Regenerative Biotech company who is providing cell therapeutically products for veterinarian use, has started  since two years its small animal applications for dogs with osteoarthritis…

The regenerative revolution (Le Monde Vétérinaire / Dierenartsenwereld)

The regenerative revolution (Le Monde Vétérinaire / Dierenartsenwereld) Veterinary orthopedics and stem cell therapies are on the rise on trade fairs, symposiums and seminars. In short, things are moving!…


Creating innovative, veterinary stem cell therapies is our mission. Fat-Stem Laboratories is one of the few companies in the EU that use adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic use. We were the first to offer an extensive range of commercial veterinary treatments.
Originally focused on orthopedic applications in horses and dogs, our portfolio has expanded continuously and currently also includes solutions for other types of injuries. We keep pushing the boundaries of stem cell science through in-house clinical veterinary research in collaboration with acknowledged European universities, veterinary clinics and stem cell technology centers.
Our GMP production facilities guarantee high quality products. These are sold as ready-to-use solutions, supporting the veterinarian throughout the entire process for optimal results.


CEO and Founder

Dr. Wouters

Dr. Guy Wouters
PhD founded Fat-Stem, introducing new and advanced technologies in his R&D team in close collaboration with acknowledged European universities and clinics. He has 20 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Following his graduate studies in bioengineering and veterinary science in Ghent, he obtained a PhD from the University of Leuven and was working as R&D Director for different EU and US-based biotechnology companies. He has gained extensive experience in cell therapies and cryopreservation as the Chief Executive Officer of Cryo-Save AG (Switzerland), one of the leading human cord blood banks in Europe.

As biotechnologist and expert in cellular therapies, Dr. Wouters has organized Fat-Stem into a state-of-the-art production facility, complying with GMP requirements for quality and hygiene.

Dr. WoutersFounder

President of the Board Fat-Stem laboratories

Albert Ramon

Albert Ramon
President of the Board Fat-Stem laboratories
President of ITERA ( International Tissue Engineering Research Association) and Medical Director of the Business Netwerk.

Albert RamonPresidient

Other members of the Board

Carl Neeskens

Carl Neeskens

Rolf Odenthal

Rolf Odenthal

Getting started

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