A successful therapy of Fat-Stem Laboratories

Fat-Stem, a Belgium Regenerative Biotech company who is providing cell therapeutically products for veterinarian use, has started  since two years its small animal applications for dogs with osteoarthritis and joint problems. Our therapy which is available for the small animal practices  since 2009 and offers a potential treatment to improve the quality of life for dogs and pets.

Dogs with osteoarthritis and accompanying joint diseases (soft tissue orthopedic injuries) and fracture tissue repair are treated now with our stem cell therapeutically product. Fat-Stem Belgium would like to ensure the integrity of this treatment in which no specific risks are involved others than normal surgical risks.

This  autologous stem cell therapy in the field of regenerative veterinary medicine involves harvesting tissue as fat, from the patient, isolating the stem and regenerative cells, and administering the cells back to the patient.  The therapy has been evaluated  in  blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial in dogs with chronic osteoarthritis of the hip and other defect joints. . Dogs treated with adipose-derived stem cell therapy had significantly improved scores for lameness and the compiled scores for lameness, pain, and range of motion compared with control dogs.

During a 20 minute procedure about two tablespoons of fat, from the abdomen are taken from an anesthetized dog and sent to our Belgian laboratory. Then lab technicians isolate the fat characterized stem cells and within 2 weeks the lab isolated stem and regenerative cells from the fat are send back to the local surgeons in an injectable solution as a full autologous therapy.

To date more than 2000 dogs have been treated successfully with these type of stem cells. More than 200 have been treated with the Fat-Stem method in different European countries.  We assist and welcome new clinics to implement this new therapy giving a real cure for arthrosis.

Our services which are scientifically driven and recognized and our website www.fat-stem.com  will help you in the understanding of stem cell technologies by different related articles. In case of questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact our professional team. We will provide you requested information and guide you towards a successful therapy for your clients.